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What To Look For When It Rains To Help Avoid Water Damage


As you all know, it’s been raining a lot! We’re into a rainy season, plus it’s getting cold outside. There are three things you should be doing at your property or at your home to make sure that your roof is handling the rain well, and that it’s ready to handle more as we get more storms.

1. Walk through your attic.


Whenever you get home after it rains if you’re able to get up into the attic go up there and do a walkthrough. Take a flashlight with you and make sure you don’t have any leaks coming in through the attic. Look for obvious, dripping leaks, but also look for areas of moisture.

2. Look for water stains.


Take a walk around your house and look up at the ceiling. Here you’re looking for any yellow or brown stains that mean water is getting in through your ceiling. 

3. Check your gutters.


If you don’t see any water coming out of the downspout, or if you haven’t had them cleaned up in the past couple of years, or you haven’t had them cleaned out this year, they can fill up with leaves and with granules from the roof. Once that happens water just sits in your gutters and that can lead to roof issues. Make sure your gutters are clean, especially before we get hit with another round of rain! 

We’d be happy to come out and take a look at all that for you! Just give us a shout here at Master Built, and have a great day!