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  1. Clean off debris

Keeping your roof clear of debris will help with the deterioration of your roof. Debris holds water; it collects and builds up in things like pipes, chimneys, skylights, and valleys. *Valleys are where the roof meet at an angle. When debris like leaves or sticks are not cleared from your roof it can cause buildup that blocks rainfall from leaving your roof – this can lead to roof damage and leaks. Keep your roof clear to ensure the longest life span for your roof.


  1. Inspect the flashing

Flashings are the thin pieces of material installed around your chimney, walls etc. on your roof.  It works as a weather resistant barrier (WRB) and prevents water from getting into the structure.  Its purpose is to direct the flow of water that leaks into the intersection.  In most cases, flashing is usually silver and is easily seen, but can be any color. Inspect the flashing to be sure it is not deteriorating.  Seal all loose areas, be sure it is free of all old caulk and debris, scrub the area clean if necessary.  If flashing is damaged or dirty it can cause water to get into the structures it surrounds.


  1. Clean, inspect and secure the gutters

Debris filled gutters can cause several problems to your home if not cleaned and inspected.  When gutters aren’t cleaned they can rot, cause foundation issues, and even pests can make a nice little home.  Cleaning your gutters once a month and ensuring that all leaves, branches, etc. are removed from your gutters will help the life span of your gutters and roofing system.


  1. Prune trees branches that touch or hang over the roof

This helps with branches and leaves falling on top of your roof and gutters, but also keeps squirrels and other animals away from your home.



If you have severe damage to your roof, HIRE A ROOFING CONTRACTOR. Especially if a storm has recently gone through your city or neighborhood.  In most cases, roofing contractors will inspect your roof at no charge.  Roofing contractors are professionals and require a certain degree of expertise to ensure the roofing system is installed properly. In often times, roofing contractors will offer a warranty once your roof is replaced.


Thanks for reading!