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Christmas light installation

What You Need To Check Before Hiring a Christmas Light Installation Company


As you already know, we’re coming into the holiday season. Many people are already doing their Christmas light installations. But there is one very important part of hiring someone to do your lights that we want to make sure you consider before you let anyone up on your roof.

Installing Christmas lights is not a very safe process. Any time you have people on your roof and your gutters, climbing up and down those monstrously huge extension ladders, it’s a little dangerous.


Liability Insurance


So please, make sure that whoever is installing your Christmas lights has liability insurance! Their insurance should cover construction, or being up on the roof. If they only have general insurance or a basic policy, that won’t cover them being on your roof. It won’t cover a contractor falling off your roof and getting injured. 

It’s the same thing if your house catches on fire due to wiring issues. If they don’t have the right insurance, it won’t cover that kind of damage to your home! 

It’s very important to make sure anyone working on your roof has the proper insurance to take care of anything that might happen. Hopefully, nothing will happen, but it’s always better to be prepared. And the right insurance policy keeps you safe, as well as your contractor.

Our Insurance


Here at Master Built, we have a release of liability form that we have our homeowners sign on site, along with their project manager. This means that in case we break anything or fall off a ladder, you are not liable and we can’t sue you for any damages. We are protected, and so are you.

If you’re getting ready for the holidays and need to get your Christmas lights up, we have some spots left available! Just reach out to us and we’ll get your house looking fantastic for the holidays!