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Residential Roofing

How do I know my roof has hail damage?

Set up a ladder to your roof to examine the top of the roof. You can check to see if shingles have moved or shifted as well as checking for hail “dings”.  Hail “dings” are bruises or dents in the shingles and vents on the roof. However, we do recommend a professional coming to your home to do an inspection. Most roofing companies provide roof inspections for free.


What should I do first if I decide to re-roof my house?

If you make the decision to re-roof your house, research general contractors or roofing companies in your area.  You will need to schedule an appointment for a roof inspection as well as contact your insurance company to file a claim.


Can I just do the work myself?

You can re-roof your house yourself, however, we do not recommend it.  Roofing requires a certain level of skill and expertise. You want to know that your roof is installed correctly.


How many years will my roof last?

The life span of your roof depends on a few different factors.  Shingles usually come with a 25-year or 30-year lifetime, but the life span of your shingles also depends on the upkeep of your roof. It is important to keep your roof and gutters free of debris.


How much will it cost to re-roof my house?

The cost of your roof depends on just that, your roof.  There are a number of factors that help determine the roof replacement cost.  Everything roofing system is different and you will need a professional to put together an estimate.


How does hail damage affect my roofing system?

Hail damage can result in premature aging of the shingles which can cause your roof to lose its total life span.  Also, hail damage can cause leaks inside of your home or ventilation problems if your vents are damaged.


When looking for hail damage, what does a hail hit look like?

Different shingles react differently to hail damage depending on the type of shingles you have on your roof.  Look for hail hits that are black, white scuff marks, random damage with no pattern, missing shingles, or hail dings on your vents such as the pipe jacks or turtle vents.


What happens during inclimate weather while roofing?

It happens; the weather percentages aren’t always 100% accurate.  If a storm comes through while your new roof is being installed the roofers will stop production, cover your roof with tarps and plastic covers, and reschedule when they are going to finish the project.


Will my insurance company replace my roof?

The easiest way to find out what covered under your policy is to contact your insurance provider. Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for your roof damage caused by unpreventable reasons or “acts of God”.  Although hail is usually covered under your insurance policy there are other factors that determine how much is covered, such as the age of your roof. It is important to know the specifics of what is covered under your policy.


My roof estimate has more shingles to replace than to remove, why?

Your estimate will have more shingle quantity to replace than to remove because there is usually 10%-22% “waste” added into the replacement total.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Master Built accepts all major credit cards, but there will be small fee added for processing.


Does Master Built offer a warranty when you replace my roof?

Yes, Master Built offers a warranty.



How do roofers keep from messing up my vents inside my home while re-roofing? How will I know if I have a ventilation problem and how do I fix it, if so?

Vent pipes can sometimes shift while roofing from the hammering of shingles.  Once your roof is completed your roofer should come inside your home to inspect that your vents are still intact.



Can I recycle the shingles that are on my roof currently?

Master Built will not recycle your shingles from your damaged roof.  All roofs that we replace will be installed with new shingles.



What are shingles made of?

Shingles are made of materials such as wood, slate, metal plastic, flagstone, fibre cement, and composite material such as asphalt shingles.


Will Master Built complete other repairs on my insurance estimate other than my roof?

Master Built does roofs, gutters, fences, window screens, and window beading.  Contact your project manager for further repairs.  


Insurance Claims


When should I call my insurance company if I think I have hail damage?

Call your insurance company immediately.  Once you have called and set up your claim through your insurance company, they will send out an “adjuster” to inspect your home and create an estimate of the total amount the replacement will cost. Once you get your estimate back from your insurance company, you may begin your repairs with your hired contractor. For more information go to:



How long is the process to re-roof my house?

The full process from start to finish depends on the amount of trades you need completed and when we can schedule your home to be roofed.  However, the actual roof can be installed within 1-2 days, weather permitting.


How do I know how much my deductible is?

The best way to find out how much your deductible is to contact your insurance provider.


What is RCV on my insurance estimate?

RCV is the Replacement Cost Value.  RCV is the full replacement cost of your roof minus your deductible and depreciation.


What is ACV on my insurance estimate?

ACV is the Actual Cash Value.  This value is the “used” value of your roof rather than the full replacement cost.


What is depreciation?

Depreciation is the reduction in value due to the passage of time, wear, and tear.  For example, if you have 30-year shingles on your roof, but they have been used for 10 years; then your RVC for your roof is minus the 10-year depreciation.


There are items missing on my insurance estimate that I know I need for my roof? What do I do?

No worries, if you are missing items on your insurance estimate Master Built will submit a supplement to your insurance company as a request to add them to your estimate.


What are Supplements?

Supplements are additional roofing items that were not listed on your original estimate that should have been. The supplement is submitted after all roof work is completed and you will receive a revised insurance estimate with your new roof total.


How will my insurance company know when to release my final depreciation once all the work is completed?

Once all roof work has been completed, your contractor/roofer will contact your insurance company to release depreciation.


How will I know who my assigned adjuster is?

Once you file your insurance claim it will be assigned to an adjuster. The adjuster will contact you to set up your initial inspection.



Will filing an insurance claim cause my premium to go up?

No, your insurance premium will not go up if you file a claim. However, your insurance premium may go up if the insurance company raises the premium in your area due to the recent storms in which case your premium will go up regardless if you file a claim.


I have gotten my first check from my insurance company and my mortgage company is listed on it, what do I do?

If you received your first check with your mortgage company listed, you will need to send the check to your mortgage company to have it endorsed before cashing it.


What if I get a cheaper estimate than Master Built?

Master Built works straight from the estimate from your insurance company.  If you find someone to give you a cheaper estimate then you are taking a risk of getting less quality of products and service.


Commercial Roofing



How do I know if my business needs a new roof?

Much like residential, your roof will need to be inspected by a professional.



How much will it cost to put a new roof on my business?

Once your roof has been inspected and an estimate has been put together will determine the total cost for your new roof.  



Due to a storm, is the re-roofing process the same or similar to the residential re-roofing process?

The re-roofing process can be similar to residential, however, it depends on the complexity of the job.






Why choose Master Built Contractors?

Master Built prides itself for its professionalism, customer service, as well as being a GAF Certified Contractor. We want to ensure you get the best customer service and that your home is restored back to its original condition.


How long has Master Built been around?

Master Built Contractors was established in 2012.


What does it mean to be GAF Certified?

To become a GAF Certified Contractor the company must be properly insured by the state, adequately insurance for your protection, have a proven reputation, and are always seeking professional training.


This certification is not taken lightly and are proud to be GAF Certified.