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roof maintenance

How Often Your Roof Needs Maintenance To Prevent Water Leaks


Here’s a little tip most homeowners don’t think about. We get new roofs put on our house, and these are often called a 25-year roof, or a 30-year roof—or maybe even a “lifetime” roof. 

You think you’re good! It’s maintenance free for years!


What You Need Every 3-5 Years


Here’s the reality: all roofs need maintenance. At least every 3-4 years you need to have a roofing professional get on your roof and take a look at your sealant. For example, you have things on your roof like pipe jacks, which are flanges put over a vent pipe to seal the roof around the pipe. These are held down with nails, and sealed with a sealant. This sealant is only expected to last about 5 years. Or even less! By 5 years at the latest, that sealant needs to be replaced, and everything needs to be re-sealed. 

So even though your shingle might be a 30-year shingle, it’s definitely good to have your roof looked at by a roofing professional before problems start. 


What To Keep Away From Your Roof


Another way to maintain your roof and keep it problem-free is to make sure you keep tree foliage away from your roof. Branches hitting the roof can cause problems, and even leaf build-up is a hazard for your roof. 

We know most of us homeowners never think about these kinds of things, because we all think, “Gee, I have a 30-year roof on my house!” But that doesn’t mean it’s maintenance-free for 30 years, and we want your roof to last as long as possible! 

Give us a call if it’s time to have your roof inspected. We’d be happy to take care of that for you, and make sure you’re in good shape!