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How To Control The Humidity


How To Control The Humidity In Your Home


One of the upgrades we can offer you when we put on your new roof is a premium underlayment. We use GAF Deck-Armor which is a breathable felt that goes on under your shingles. 


Make Sure Your Roof Can Breathe


Why would you want breathable felt on your roof? North Texas gets pretty humid, and all of that moisture and humidity gets trapped in your attic. Traditionally roofs are constructed with a normal felt underlayment. This felt actually traps that moisture and humidity in your attic, under your shingles. The result is that with the combination of moisture and high temperatures, you end up with mold and algae building up in your attic.


What We Recommend


The GAF Deck-Armor is a breathable felt. It has little penetration holes that work to release moisture and humidity and let it evaporate out of your attic and into the atmosphere. This way you don’t end up with moisture and humidity sitting underneath your shingles, and you don’t have to worry about mold or algae growth. With this breathable underlayment, the humidity pushes out of your attic, making your attic space a lot more efficient. You won’t have to worry about your attic interior temperature and humidity getting too high in our Texas summers. 


Your Next Step


This is a great product to upgrade to, especially when you pair it with our lifetime shingles. Give us a call here at Master Built and let us show you all the possibilities we can offer you to give you a great roof and attic space!