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What Goes on My Roof Other Than Shingles?


You might have noticed that we’re full into the spring season. And that means storms! 


Be Proactive


We want to encourage everyone to be proactive before the next round of storms, instead of reacting after them. There are some issues that you can prevent from being problems when a storm hits. We recommend that you get a good, reputable contractor to come out, do an inspection and see if there is anything that needs to be addressed with your roof now. We are more than happy to do this for you, to make sure you’re in good shape before the next hail storm hits.

Layers of Protection


When we put a new roof on your house, we use a lot of different layers to keep your property safe. We start with a leak barrier called GAF Storm Guard. This goes on your roof valleys and any leak-prone areas. On top of that, we often use the GAF Felt Buster. This is a good, synthetic felt that’s almost like a plastic. It’s much better than the old tar paper, which is thin and flakes apart. Tar paper is not a very good barrier, and it does not help prevent water. On top of that, we might put a GAF Timberline shingle, which is a lifetime shingle as long as you have a good, certified contractor to install it for you. 


Peace of Mind


Having all these different layers means that when you do have a storm it won’t just penetrate the shingles and go right into your property. Any hailstone or flying tree branch has a lot of layers it has to get through before it can cause any leaks or damage. 


Your Next Step


We can come out and give your roof a free inspection, see what kind of shape it’s in and if anything needs to be addressed before storms hit. If everything’s good we’ll let you know, and if you need a tune-up we can get you taken care of! Click the button below to set up your free inspection.