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What To Do If Your Adjuster Finds Additional Damage


We’ve talked a little bit about the insurance process before. In fact, we have a video on our Facebook page that walks you through the insurance claims process. Please feel free to refer to that video if you haven’t seen it yet, or if you need a refresher! 


Insurance Supplement Process


But today let’s talk about the supplement process that Master Built does for its customers. Let’s say you’ve filed an insurance claim for hail damage, and the adjuster from your insurance company comes out to inspect the damage and determines that the roof and gutters were indeed damaged. They will then draw up an insurance estimate and send that over to you to have the repairs completed. 

Now let’s say that you notice that your window screens are also damaged. By this time you’ve already called your contractor, and they’ve come out and done their free inspection, and they’re getting the ball rolling to get your repairs done. So, your window screens are damaged, but they’re not on the insurance estimate. 


How We Help You Through The Process


What we at Master Built do at that point is to go into a supplement process. What that means is we will take your original estimate and we will add on any damages that we see that need to be repaired. Your project manager will come out, they will take pictures and do all the proper documentation in order to warrant those repairs, and send it to your insurance company. We send that estimate over to them along with the documentation and pictures and explain that these damages were missed at the time the adjuster came out to do the inspection. 

This estimate will then be sent over to a desk adjuster to review. Sometimes a desk adjuster will have a field adjuster come out to re-inspect those damages, and sometimes not. Sometimes the pictures are enough, as long as the pictures are good enough for the adjuster to tell that there is damage that warrants repair. Then they will approve the repair and add those window screens to the estimate, and you will get what is called a revised insurance estimate. This will be the original insurance estimate with all the repairs that were originally on there, plus the new ones. 


What To Do If You Think You Have Hail Damage


So if you think you may have hail damage to your roof, please give us a call! We do free roof inspections. We’ll come out, take a look at your roof and let you know if you have hail damage or not. If you do, at that point you can call in a claim with your insurance company and we can get your repairs started. 

Have a great day!