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attic ventilation


Today we wanted to touch base with you about ventilation in your home.

When You Should Address Your Attic’s Ventilation


If you’re getting your roof replaced, this is the best time to address any ventilation problems. Have you thought about the ventilation in your attic? You may well not have enough, or you might have too much. Both of these can be a problem. Most people don’t realize that it’s a problem to have too much ventilation, but it is!


What To Check


Your ventilation is part of a system that includes soffit vents as well as exit vents. You want to make sure you have enough of both the soffit vents and the exit vents.

Different Types of Attic Ventilation


One style of exit vent you might find on your house is called a turtle vent. It is nothing more than a hole in your roof with a covering that allows hot air to escape but keeps water from coming in. Air comes into your attic through your soffit vents and flows out through your exit vents like the turtle vents. Besides turtle vents, you might also find dome vents or ridge vents in your roof, or turbines. Whatever kind of vents you have, you need to have enough of them to let the hot air out! Otherwise, you end up with poor ventilation and hot attic, which makes the whole house hot.


Your Next Step


So when you’re getting your roof replaced, ask your roofer about your ventilation and whether or not it’s adequate. Remember to check both the exit vents and the soffit vents.


If you’re not sure about your vents, give us a call! We’ll come out and take a look at them for you.