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Why Would An Insurance Company Replace My Roof?

Why Would An Insurance Company Replace My Roof?


One frequently asked question we get is this: “What’s the big deal about hail damage, anyway? It doesn’t look like much!”

It doesn’t look like much if you don’t know what’s going on. When we inspect a roof for hail damage we look for little spots, little discolored areas that are the telltale signs of a piece of hail hitting the shingle. But why on earth, you might ask, would an insurance company pay thousands of dollars to replace my roof, because of these little bitty spots? 


Your Roof’s Granules


When you look at your roof shingles up close you can see that they’re covered with little granules. These granules are what gives your roof its color. Underneath the granules is a thin layer of asphalt. When hail hits it bruises the asphalt shingle. Then, in time, the granules wash away leaving the asphalt exposed to the sun. And that’s the problem! 

The asphalt on your roof is a lot like the asphalt on the street. You’ve seen what happens when the sun beats down on the asphalt street for long enough—the street deteriorates and they have to repave the road. You have this thin, little bitty layer of asphalt protecting your roof, and the granules protect the asphalt from the sun and weather. Once the granules are washed away and the asphalt is exposed, in time a hole will wear through the asphalt and then you will have water getting in under your shingles and causing a problem in your house. 


Small Hail Hits Can Cause Big Problems


This is why those little spots of hail damage are so significant. You can’t see these little spots from the street. If you stand in your back yard and look up at your roof, it will look just fine. But hail damage is sneaky! You might not have any leaks from a hail storm until a year or two years after the storm. By that time you’ve forgotten all about the hail storm, and you never realized that that hail storm diminished the life of your roof! 

Why We Recommend Free Roof Inspection


So when someone comes along and offers a free roof inspection, if you trust them and you think they know what they’re doing, take them up on it. It’s never a bad idea to have a professional jump up on your roof and give you their professional opinion on whether or not you have hail damage. We remind people that we have no incentive to tell you that you have hail damage if you don’t because your insurance company isn’t going to listen to your roofing contractor! They’re going to send one of their own guys out to walk your roof and confirm whether or not you have damage. 


Your Next Step


Now you know why these little spots of hail damage are important, and why insurance companies pay so much money to replace your roof even when there doesn’t seem to be much damage. 

Are you wondering if you have hail damage on your roof! Give us a call! We’d be happy to come to take a look at it for you.