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Why You Should Trim Trees Overhanging Your Roof

Minimize Storm Damage


Have you noticed any of your trees overhanging your roof? If so, it’s important that you get them trimmed back. If you don’t, the branches can cause damage in any kind of wind, storm or hail event. The wind can make those branches hit the roof and tear up the shingles. Any damage to your shingles leads to more and more damage to your roof over time!

How We Can Help



If we are replacing your roof and you have overhanging trees we will trim them back. This not only keeps your new roof safer, but it also keeps our roofers safe as they climb around on your roof.


Your Next Step


Do you have any questions about roof damage or things around your home that can damage your roof? Give us a call! We’d be happy to take a look at your roof and give you ideas about how to keep your roof in its best shape.